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Band NameAlbum NameLabelRelease DateWebsite
Knox HamiltonThe Great Hall EP 2013View Album
Knox HamiltonHow's Your MindProspect Park Records2015View Album
Life Size PizzaQueer IdeasThick Syrup Records2010View Album
Mad NomadBlack Out 2013View Album
MarThe SoundPhantom Sound & Vision2007View Album
MarThe SilenceRing Road Records2005View Album
Michael Leonard WithamA Scandal In The Violets 2014View Album
Minor ArcsEP01 2016View Album
MuleheadNever AgainMax Recordings1998View Album
MuleheadFiner ThingMax Recordings2004View Album
MuleheadAlco-FiedMax Recordings2006View Album
MuleheadRocket SurgeryMax Recordings2001View Album
NotionSelf-Titled 2007View Album
NotionThe Peak 2009View Album
OpportunistVapor 2013View Album
PagiinsBad Things Don't 2014View Album
Parashos ParachutesThe Strange and The Stranger 2011View Album
PluSinking Ships Sinking Ships 2008View Album
pmtodayIn Medias ResRise Records2010View Album
Randall ShreveThe Entertainer 2008View Album
Rigby FawkesNonstop Flight to Fatigue 2009View Album
Rural War RoomRing-A-Ding Orangutanruralwarroomrecords2007View Album
Rural War RoomThe Flaming Yawnruralwarroomrecords2009View Album
Sad DaddySad Daddy 2010View Album
Sam WalkerHaunted By Dreams 2007View Album
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