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Band NameAlbum NameLabelRelease DateWebsite
A Good FightA Good Fight 2010View Album
Adam FaucettThe Great Basking SharkBluetint Records2008View Album
Adam FaucettMore Like A Temple 2011View Album
Adam HambrickFighting From the Ground 2010View Album
Adriane AllynMoving On 2006View Album
American LionsLove and Hope in the War Times 2011View Album
American PrincesOther PeopleYep Roc Records2008View Album
American PrincesLess and LessYep Roc Records2006View Album
American PrincesWe Are the PeopleMax Recordings2004View Album
American PrincesLittle SpacesYep Rock Records2004View Album
And Then There Was BearAnd Then There Was Bear 2010View Album
Androids of Ex LoversAndroids of Ex LoversThick Syrup Records2010View Album
Ashtray BabyheadO-rama 1997View Album
Ashtray BabyheadRadioGlue Factory2000View Album
Bad YearsLive @ Vinos EP 2012View Album
Bear ColonyWe Came Here To DieEsperanza Plantation2007View Album
Bear ColonySoft EyesEsperanza Plantation2012View Album
belair.Move 2011View Album
Benjamin Del ShreveBrilliant & Charming 2007View Album
Benjamin Del ShreveSleeping Sweetly 2010View Album
Benjamin Del ShreveThe Diamond 2012View Album
Big SilverThe AfterlifeMax Recordings2003View Album
Big SilverTributaryMax Recordings2009View Album
Bombay HarambeeYou Know Better 2014View Album
Bombay HarambeeWolfman FellowshipWiener Records2015View Album
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