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Knox Hamilton
Location: Little Rock, AR


Biography: Boots Copeland (vocals/guitar), Cobo Copeland (drums), Drew Buffington (lead guitar), Taylor Flynn (Bass)

Article & Interview courtesy of Shayne Gray 10/22/2015

Knox Hamilton is a humble indie rock alternative dance band from Little Rock, Arkansas that formed in 2010. They independently wrote, recorded and released original music from 2011 up through 2014 when they were signed to Prospect Park Records. They've just released their new EP "How's Your Mind?". It's the much anticipated album follow up to their single "Work It Out". The music video for "Work It Out" has over 300,000 views on YouTube and the single was #2 most played song on Sirius XM satellite radio's Alt Nation by the end of 2014. They have over 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and that's just after releasing their EP in September. The band features founding members - and brothers - Boots Copeland (vocals/guitar) and Cobo Copeland (drums). Other band members include Drew Buffington (lead guitar) and Taylor Flynn (Bass).

Their new EP "How's Your Mind" includes the songs "How's Your Mind", "Work It Out", "Set It On Fire", and "Rightfully So". Their 2015 Fall Tour- in support of their album release - started in Los Angeles, California's at The Roxie Theater October 6 and the tour is set to hit Little Rock this Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Juanita's in the downtown River market area. They will continue touring North America until December 12 where they will play Dickson Theater in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Many of their tour dates will include the alternative band Civil Twilight from Cape Town, South Africa and signed to Wind-Up Records. The Little Rock show will feature two other supporting Arkansas bands: Brothers & Company and Canopy Climbers.

I liked Knox Hamilton immediately upon hearing their single sometime last year. The new EP is terrific and you can get the album on iTunes right now for a mere $3.36. That's less than $1 per song! "How's Your Mind" is one of the most catchy and danceable albums to have ever come out of Arkansas. It's that album you want to listen to loudly in your car and itís probably best appreciated with headphones. Seriously, this music is good, memorable music. It reminds me of one of those albums you'd have in your music mix for a carefree road trip or outing with your close friends. The production is clear, clean, and crisp similar to Owl City. It's also intricate, raw and ambitious, yet immediately accessible like the Austin, Texas band Spoon. The vocal delivery reminds me somewhat of Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, but more polished, focused, and refined. I believe the album can be appreciated by people of all ages. Oh and where did they get their name, you ask? Apparently the two Copeland brothers volunteered at an Arkansas thrift shop over the summer - as they were also forming the early stages of the band - when they stumbled across a 1970s yearbook and begin flipping through it and found "the most rock 'n' roll looking dude ever" and below that guy's picture was a name: Knox Hamilton.

Their music is not angry or abrasive, yet it's not at all narcissistic, soulless, or corporate bubble gum pop either. They are simply a great alternative rock band. I think if you like bands such as Keane, The Killers, Phoenix, or Vampire Weekend you will really enjoy Knox Hamilton. They may actually be Little Rock's best kept secret. I think if they continue to record music as good as their new EP, then they could soon be a household name. I know I personally can't wait to see them live this Saturday at Juanita's and I hope you'll join me in helping support our brilliant Little Rock scene. The show is All Ages and doors open at 8pm with a 9pm showtime. Pre-sale tickets are only $10 and tickets will be $12 on the day of the show. Bring some folding cash for merch and don't forget to tip

Interview with Boots of Knox Hamilton

Do you all still live in Arkansas?

Was there anything or anyone locally that influenced you to play music?
We all grew up playing in Pentecostal churches. Music is a huge part of Pentecostal church. Cobo and I have been playing in church service since we were 5 & 6 years old.

What has been your favorite show or performance since you started playing as Knox Hamilton?
Not sure if we have a favorite. Every city brings out awesome people that we have the pleasure of meeting and dancing with.

What does songwriting and the creation process mean to you?
I write a song or at least a part of a song almost every day. It's just living and taking note of things that happen in your world. Some days writing is appreciating and observing the life you're experiencing other days it's an escape.

Where has your biggest local support come from?
Our families. And now you guys. Thanks for that by the way.

Please tell us a about your new EP.
It'll be a collection of songs that we've been writing over the past year or so, some that we've played on tour for over a year and some that we just finished last week and some we will play for the first time at Juanita's on Saturday night.

What are your future plans for touring, recording and do any of you have a side project?
Touring all year in 2016 upon completion of our first full length studio album. Drew is a DJ at a Woody Guthrie Rebellion themed folk saloon in Mountain Home on the weekends when we're not home.

Where's the best place to follow you and purchase Knox Hamilton merchandise online? is the epicenter of all things Knox.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind getting signed?
It's pretty much as simple as we bribed Capitol/Virgin to sign us. Money can't buy you love but it CAN buy you a record deal. J/K we put a homemade EP out on Spotify and one manager named Chris Allen made the rest happen after hearing it.

What are a few of the best things about the Arkansas music scene?
There are a lot of talented tribute bands and DJ's?

Are there any favorite local bands and local hangouts for you guys?
We're playing with two of our favorite Arkansas based bands at Juanita's, Brothers & Company, and Canopy Climbers.

Tell us more about your EP release party coming up this Saturday. Who will be your supporting act(s) and how did you decide on which venue to hold the big event?
There are actually a few cool places to play in downtown Little Rock as well as White Water Tavern. We love Juanita's, always have, both locations, new and old. Great spot, great people, great food, great sound. We recommend it to any band coming through.

What's one of your biggest dreams as a musician or band?
One night a few years back after a show in Conway, Arkansas a very drunk dude told me that our music would cure cancer one day. Still holding out hope for that prophecy to transpire.

What advice would you offer upcoming musicians in Arkansas?
Same advice to anyone I think, and also a Sheryl Crow lyric "if it makes you happy..." Unless it pays the bills and makes your spouse happy, either or.